Sterling Silver Baby Spoons ~ Custom-Made

Every LacyMetals baby spoon is hand made by artist Jessica Lacy, using the timeless method of Lost Wax Casting, each spoon is cast from 100% Sterling Silver.  Our Sterling Silver Baby Spoons are tanrish-resistant and comes packaged in a tarish-proof bag and gift box. 

Spoon names may not exceed seven (7) letters.  Initials and nickname are great solutions for longer names. 


Spoons cost $185.00 USD plus Shipping and Handling

Prose Collection~ Ready Made Spoons

Need a gift that is ready to ship today?  These 100% Sterling Silver Spoons are just as beautiful as the custom spoons and they are ready to be shipped immediately.  

Choose from any of the following words:

Love, Baby, Bella, Yummy.


Prose Collection Spoons cost $160 plus Shipping and Handling